Thursday, March 25, 2010

Harbour Island

Harbour Island, the land of the rich and famous. And then there is the rest of us...
We took a walking tour to find many shops selling very expensive clothing and souvenirs, along with a straw market selling the same ole stuff. Roosters run around haphazardly, in fact, they adorn overpriced tee shirts and ceramic mugs so appear to have been appointed the official trademark.

We hiked around with Luke and Bobbie from Attitudes and stumbled across The Haunted House which was nothing more than an abandoned mansion. Eventually we got around to the beach, which many describe as the world's most beautiful. It looked like Naples to us.

Bandit and just about every one else that we asked recommended Ma Ruby's for dinner, and the crowd enjoyed a well priced scrumptious meal, including a cheeseburger in paradise. Purportedly, Jimmy Buffet chose his famous moniker right here at Ruby's.

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