Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fishing Lessons

The ubiquitous westerlies drove us down to Bottom Harbor below Harbour Island, where we were invited aboard Emotion for dinner. Emotion is a Carver 36, a virtual floating condo complete with a standup refrigerator/freezer, huge living room, two cabins and heads, and an enclosed deck.

Offered this evening was a variety of freshly speared fish caught and cooked by Michel (rolled in none other than frosted flakes!), and key lime pie by Carole. The food was almost as good as the company.

Michel, of the daylight savings time fame, really cracks me up. This evening he told us that he had observed that at 6:10 two nights in a row at Rock Sound, a horn was being sounded ashore, and then again last night around the same time here. He wondered about the purpose (of course, this was Peter and others blowing their conch). We explained the Bahamian tradition of honoring the sunset, and also pointed out this would have been about 7:10 with the time adjustment! The following evening when Peter and Christine gave it their best, Michel melodically answered with a serenade on Emotion’s mechanical horn.

Having been treated to the bounty of the sea, Peter requested spearfishing lessons from Michel, and the next day was rewarded with an incredible demonstration of skill. Michel and Peter donned their snorkel gear, spears in hand. Carole and I circled with the dinghies, ready to hold out the pail for the catch. Michel caught.

And caught.

Peter would still be out there seeking if we didn't have to leave.

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