Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Black Point and Normans, Again

Following Lee Stocking we spent a night at Black Point, preceded by a rewarding sea glass walk and that longed-for conch pizza. Deshamons has wi-fi now so that was a bonus. The anchorage was quite full and I was happy to think that the local merchants were finally doing some business.

The next morning we enjoyed a vigorous sail to anchor by the Malabar Cays near Emerald Rock, where it was a bit rock and rolly. Then, off once again to Normans Cay to seek shelter and yes, another cold front bringing in strong winds with westerly components. While there we had a few good walks enjoying the crystal clear waters and a good haul of sand dollars on the beaches of the Sound.

I once again confirmed that French Canadians have quite the disillusion of entitlement when Mamselle, a small sailboat anchored smack-dab in the middle of the channel refused to move when asked by the locals. While we had unintentionally blocked the supply boat from docking at Lee Stocking, this boat knew it was coming, answered the call, but did not budge. Further aggravating was the fact that it picked up its anchor later that morning. Quelle domage.

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Sharron said...

Happy, Happy birthday tomorrow!!!!
Looks like you have a beautiful spot to spend it! Postings of all the fronts/winds is like reading an adventure novel! I made it through my birthday & will be getting SS in April. Can't really get my head around it, but thankful!Have fun & God's speed!Love, Shar
P.S What are you going to do with all the sand dollars?Were they already dead?