Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beach Party at Fowl Cay

Finally we were able to leave Warderick Wells after seven nights on the mooring, and headed to Big Majors. We arrived at noon and dinghied over to Staniel for provisions, but Isles General was nearly picked dry. We lunched at the Yacht Club and ran into Mad Cap, who told us there was a beach party planned near Fowl Cay for that evening organized by Murray and Heather on Windswept IV. This gave us the opportunity to reconnect with Celebrian, and we met after the party to plan our next adventure. It was harrowing leaving there and heading back to First Edition, as it was pitch black and we had to find the narrow opening to get over to the Majors. It would have been simple if we remembered that the Fowl Cay building was directly on the cut, but it took us about a half hour of scary searching, finding only a rock wall for what seemed like decades.

Fowl Cay is noteworthy as it was upgraded by our architect, Bill Prillaman, we think just before being sold to Sandals. Fowl Cay also serves a $100 a person dinner with unlimited cocktails and wine, which might have been worth a visit back in my drinking days for a special occasion, but, as an almost tea-totaller, we took a pass.

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