Thursday, February 4, 2010

Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay is the home of the rich and famous, with huge yachts, tenders bigger than First Edition, plastic smiles, and always, a woman sitting on the aft deck sunbathing with a huge frigging straw hat, while her daughter tans on the foredeck in a tiny black swimsuit with her boobs hanging out.

At Staniel you will find the Yacht Club, which is actually quite nice but not a yacht club at all, but a local restaurant and bar that serves very decent food at a some what reasonable price. Dinner is one seating, and for about $30 or so you may have decent conch chowder, a salad, a main course, and dessert. The YC also has a few waterside cottages for rent that look adorable. We are sitting off Staniel now and I am able to pick up their internet, for ten dollars a day.

But the main reason we come to Staniel is to provision for groceries. Generally, the mail boat arrives on Wednesday. Sometimes not. It is best to hail Isles General, the largest of the stores, on the VHF to see if the shelves have been stocked.

Isles seems to have the best prices here, but some times, they don't have everything you need, like grapefruit or hamburger meat.

Homemade bread is another stop. Here a loaf will run you $6 and be sure to shut the door before the flies come in will be your greeeting.

Then you need final stops at The Pink Store and The Blue Store. The Pink Store owner is lovely and moody, and some times get confused about the calculator, so you need to check her. Her prices are much better than the Blue Store.

At the Blue Store, if the owner tells you the oranges are $2 each, say, that's too much for me, and the price could drop to a dollar.

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