Friday, February 19, 2010

No AAA Here!

Well, Mack the Merc outboard has finally given up. He will no longer turn over, not even a feeble cough. So imagine yourself stuck in your house with your food supply dwindling and mounds of sea glass waiting to be harvested. But your car won’t start and there are no gas stations or AAA service. Fortunately, Mr. Johnson, Goldberry’s Little Engine that Could, saved the day and towed us back home.

Hoping we can get some help at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club we left Celebrian who would explore a new location on Normans Island that we had intended to share with them and head instead to Staniel to find “Chubby” whom we are told can help us. The Yacht Club is slow to answer our VHF call, promises to get ahold of Chubby, then stops responding to us. Our frustration level grows with each call we hear them having with other boats, or even worse, with Chubby (whose alternative call sign is Why Worry, I can tell you why). Mack the Merc is not even a tiny dot on their radar screen.

In a week I need to fly to NJ, so our solutions here are limited. (As you may have noticed, weather tends to keep us frequently immobile.) We finally decide to head to Normans Cay, which is a good jumping off spot for Nassau, the center of the commerce in the Bahamas and a day’s sail away. But only after the winds settle down.

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