Monday, February 22, 2010


We arrived at Nassau Harbor Club and Peter ran the outboard over to Lightbourne Marine. Within two hours they called to let us know the motor was fixed! So we cannot say enough good things about Lightbourne, including their charges: $52.25 for this repair. We celebrated with dinner at the Poop Deck where the fare was typical Bahamian and the very courteous waiters have learned the art of turning the tables.

The next day we walked around Nassau, hitting the straw market where I picked up some things for the kids. Nearly every vendor has the same stuff, asks the same prices, and when you haggle, are willing to come down to the same discount. Cruise ships were in town so things were really bustling.

We had lunch at Café Matisse; this is NOT to be missed. Located at Parliament and Bank Streets, it is off the beaten path and not for the bargain minded. You will not find cracked conch here, or anything fried for that matter. We dined al fresco on homemade pasta, yum. A real find.

More sightseeing after lunch. Peter found his Johnny Walker Black Label for $25 a bottle so we had a happy Captain. Alcohol is duty free and since we did not have to clear any customs we stocked up for the rest of the trip with as many bottles as we could carry.

The next day we hooked up with the folks on Que Vida Boa (Stew and Mary), Oscar and Suzy from Nautilus, and Deni and Stephen from Charisma, whom we had met in Georgetown. We had a fantastic Chinese meal at Villa East near the marina. Peter will be in good hands while I travel back to NJ, although I may have to dry him out upon my return.

I love the signage in the Bahamas. Look carefully at the top picture…remember to protect your ting!

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skb said...

Your sea glass is outstanding! I am green with envy. I hope your trip and tooth repair go smoothly.
Be well, save Ben some JW.