Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Black Ayed Pea

Despite the significant peer pressure to remain at Long Island, we hauled anchor and headed back to Georgetown, leaving Savage Son in the good hands of Far Niente, both of whom will head to the Jumentos at the next window. We met again with Nancy and Dick on Blue Bay, who last year gave us all the details about the Dominican Republic, as they had rented from the thorny path guru, Bruce Van Sant the prior year for a month and land cruised. We arranged happy hour with them and George and Penny from Star Shot and Sheila and Chris from Never Bored, who are headed to the DR this year, and we shared details and stories. Sheila and Chris bought their catamaran in South Africa and sailed it (with a hired captain) back to the US, so had their own tales to tell.

Although some of the family will be convinced the Captain and I finally achieved their expectations aboard First Edition,Peter had an argument with First Edition and lost. He has had a delightful time, though, accusing me of spousal abuse. And Lisa has dubbed him a Black Ayed Pea (Willow calls Peter Aye-Aye).

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