Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pipe Cay

The King of the Ocean earned a demotion to the Prince of the Ocean, managing a 12 inch Little Tunny. I did not make this name up---after searching through several of our fishing reference books we both agreed that this was the recent catch. After filleting and removing the dark meat (as recommended by one of our books) there would be enough fish for a few bites, or an banquet for the Captain.

Heading for Black Point, we were contacted by our dear friends on Celebrian, suggesting we choose Pipe Cay instead. As conditions were favorable for a ride through Dotham Cut and into the cut at Pipe, we decided that would be a grand idea. Except that I chose the wrong cut, and we ran hard, I mean hard, aground, but fortunately on a rising tide. Despite a channel with sufficient charted depths to carry our 5 ½ foot draft at low tide, Joe Cay Cut is not to be trusted. A dredge parked right where we ran aground has probably silted in the channel as he digs out a new home for a future mega-yacht. Rob and Christine dinghied up to us to provide assistance. After a half hour or so we managed to free ourselves and left the same way we came in, with Celebrian’s Admiral aboard as pilot, and we headed into Thomas Cay Cut. This cut appears on the chart as very narrow and scary, but without reason; it was deep and the chart was dead-on.

We shared hugs and hors d’ouevres and talked about our short and long term sailing plans. We will see how life unfolds as we now travel with Celebrian.

The next day we hiked over to the Sound and found some good sea glass for future projects. We snorkeled on a small reef adjacent to the boats and found remarkable coral, healthier than ever seen in the Bahamas, and the gorgeous but venomous lion fish. Walking the flats here at low tide usually results in a bountiful catch of sand dollars and small conch; we were not disappointed on this visit.

Pipe is a haven from just about all winds. We came here last year, and once with Beth, but always taking the more conservative bank route into one of the smaller anchorages. We are happy to finally have hit the eastern section especially since Celebrian will lead us out of here.

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