Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Galliot and Little Farmers

We left Georgetown with a brisk wind and had a good sail up to Galliot Cut. We entered the Cut with a 10 knot east wind at low tide at Exuma Harbor plus 1 hr 30 min, and rode the flood current running less than one knot in without any difficulty. We anchored off of Galliot Cay and explored the caves around Little Galliot, hoping to spot some lobster, which continue to evade us. After dark we swung uncomfortably close to another boat , riding to the 20 knots of wind while we sat to the current, and we both fretted that we were dragging. We let out more rode and while our angle to Amyrick continued to dismay us, determined that Buster continued to hold us in place. We had a somewhat fitful night hoping he continued to do his job.

The next morning we said the hell with everything and took a short ride into Farmers to take a $10 mooring from Ocean Cabin to ride the west winds and assure a good night’s sleep. We had met Nancy and Jim on Solitaire our last visit here, and entertained them at Happy Hour, swapping stories. Nancy and Jim have had varied careers working in animal husbandry, one as a CPA, both working for the FAA as safety examiners, and in charter air service. They hang around Farmers until its 5F party (First Friday in February Farmers Festival), helping Terry and Ernestine from Ocean Cabin prepare, and this year spearheading a fund raising effort to build a little league field for the community. (The local waters appear to have been carefully harvested of all sand dollars which will be decorated by the local children and sold during the festival to support this effort. Last year I must have collected over 25 large specimens, this year, nada, but obviously due to a good cause.)

Ocean Cabin has a small market and there is another grocery available. But the best provisioning opportunity is right at the dock. We had hoped to stock up on lobster here, purchased from the local divers, but the pickings were slim this time. We did buy a two pound tail for $15 (purchased last visit for $10, but our group did buy a huge supply and probably benefitted from a quantity discount). There was a large quantity of fish available, but the King of the Ocean promised to deliver during our next leg.

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