Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christmas at Sampson Cay

We followed Celebrian, who is fearless, over the coral reefs out of Pipe into Sampson Cay in order to pick up internet at $10 a day from the marina. (Here, you can buy a pint of ice cream for $4.30, so stock up!). One of the treats at Sampson is low tide, when you can dinghy in behind the marina and walk the flats, where tellin and white drills (?) are abundant. We came across Wendy from Windermere, and she displayed a beautiful helmet that she had found snorkeling nearby.

That evening we celebrated Christmas with Celebrian, as we missed the holiday we had hoped to share with them on that day. Christine came aboard jingling her bells and we played Christmas carols on the Ipod, possibly to the confusion of our neighbors. Lots of good laughs, a lovely rib roast, and more water the color of Windex surrounding us. Rob and Christine especially liked the shot we got of them last year while following them in The Bight of the Acklins. And they barely noticed our taking it!

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