Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back to the States, and Back Again

I quickly took my seat in the shuttle van from Nassau Harbour Club to the airport and exchanged hellos and where-ya-goings with the already seated occupants. I am already sweating in my winter clothes (which incidentally I had to purchase here when my brown trousers came out of the washer tie-dyed pink)but my schvitzing goes into overdrive when I am told all the NY airports are closed. Arrive at Nassau airport. Bad information. Long half hour drive and soaked armpits for no reason.

I reach NJ to snow showers of course and have a very long drive home to Donna and Alan's, where a cosmo awaits me. Donna has served up dinner with friend Betty and Alan and we had a great relaxing night catching up.

The next day I spend way too long in the dentist's chair while she cements, pries off, recements, pries off, and repeats one-more-time for the gipper. I finally give up and say the crown fits fine while it still feels like Pike's Peak and I am gnawing away on the inside of my cheek where the ill-fitted crown hits. I will deal with this when my regular dentist is back during my summer visit. My appointment with the rheumatologist, also a stand-in as My Guy Dr. Kramer is having surgery and jury duty, is a non event. All is well. In between appointments I run around picking up Entemann's crumb cake, mixed nuts, the NY Times, Challah, and other items to make the Captain adore me even more. My most important acquisition is a 90 day supply of my medications which daughter Beth has arranged for me. It took me months to get approved for greater than a 30 day supply before we left---Beth has accomplished this with short notice but I am sure multiple phone calls and pleadings. So thank you dear Beth.

The weather forecast for the next day when I fly back is bleak. Yet another storm of the century. Fortunately, I have an 8:30 am flight, and the snow is not expected to start until midday. I awake to the snow falling and one of the news channels telling me all flights out of Newark have been cancelled. I am now a non-believer in this type of information and check the internet--my flight is on time so they say. And They were correct.

I arrive back at Nassau to a squeaky clean boat and a husband with a too-short haircut. One of the boats in the marina is a future neighbor from Virginia. We keep finding out just how small the world is.

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