Friday, January 8, 2010

Touring Nassau and Acquiring The Turtle

Our next door neightbors here, Savage Son, joined us for a quick tour of Nassau. It turns out Bob and Bev are close friends of sailing friends of ours, and after having happy hour with us the night before, they received an email from Jay and Diana on Far Niente, telling them to look us up! And here we were, parked right next to them, already fast friends. It is such a small world, even if they are all from Texas.

Bev helped me find a Junkanoo artifact, a turtle that had participated in this year's pageant at Nassau. When Peter saw me, and The Turtle, he had a conniption, regardless of the fact that said Turtle is slated for Little Miss Willow. It did not dawn on me at time of purchase that said Turtle is big, and First Edition is, well, small, at least when it comes to Turtle storage. So, hanging out with Bev can be trouble.

Savage Son and First Edition said goodbye to Star Shot, and we headed to the Exumas. We arrived to find that the winds had not died down, and were roaring in the high teens from the Northwest, making for a very uncomfortable anchorage off of Normans Cay. Thankfully it was only one night of discomfort. Penny and George had the better idea of staying put.

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