Thursday, January 21, 2010

South Anchorage at Warderick Wells

With strong west winds in the forecast, we headed to Hog Cay at Exuma Park along with Savage Son. This is a little used anchorage located in the South part of Warderick Wells. To access it, you must enter Exuma Sound, and the guide books describe the entrance as intricate. It really is not, using a reliable chartplotter, but it is better taken with calm seas. As we were leading Savage Son into this spot, the seas were a bit sloppy, and they probably thought we were nuts. Until we made the turn into the basin, and it became clear we had topped the Blue Lagoon.

There is one problem with the South Anchorage, it is very remote; there is no internet availability and no cell reception. So, when we heard an emergency call over the high frequency single side band during our daily weather briefing, informing Bob that his 7 month pregnant daughter was rushed to the hospital, our options were limited. We packed a lunch and bottles of water and accompanied them for a two hour, one-way hike over limestone to the North Anchorage, where Clear Day, which had volunteered their sat phone for Bob’s use during the weather net, was moored. Continuing the coincidental small world of cruisers, we had met Clear Day (a Hylas) two years ago at Lorraine’s.

It was a long walk, but mission accomplished when Bob rented the Park’s phone to make his call, since no satellite was not overhead upon our arrival. Pleased to report that daughter is fine, baby in jeopardy but hanging in there.

We dreaded the two hour walk back. Without the anxiety accompanying the trip in, the hike seemed to go faster, despite diversions to visit the wildlife and sit out a rain squall passing through. Once again, a two hour trip.

We dined aboard First Edition that evening, and those that could drink to excess did, finishing off three bottles of wine and ¾ of a bottle of single malt. Bob played Pod Master going through my music, which diversity he found hysterical. Peter provided conch trumpet lessons, with Bev proving to be a real horn blower.

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