Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lorraines Cafe at Black Point

As usual, a night out at Lorraine’s Café resulted in great laughs and memories for our golden years, which, I suppose, have already started. We met up again with Bob and Bev from Savage Son, along with their friend Michael, and were fortunate to share a table with Damien and Mark from Barnacle. To the crowd’s delight, Bob volunteered a rendition of Happy Birthday for a happy sailor celebrating his 70th, with the selection to be chosen by the diners from Bob’s repertoire: Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, or “Normal” (although I cannot imagine Bob doing anything normal).

Bob delivered one helluva Marilyn, several of us wet our pants, and Bob became the most photographed object in all of the Bahamas this evening. Not wanting to miss anything, we all insisted on his take on “They say it’s your Birthday”, and I can assure all that Ringo, Paul, John, and George have nothing over a performing and jumping up-and-down Bob, who perhaps precipitated the Haitian earthquake.

Next day we allowed Savage Son to whoop our butts sailing to Big Majors, but only after they set their third sail.

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