Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long Island is a wonderful destination in the Far Bahamas, with the best provisioning available after Nassau. The island has two extremely well stocked grocery stores where you can find anything you want, including edible beef otherwise unavailable in the islands that we frequent. Anchoring at Thompson Bay puts you in walking distance. A good walk away is a terrific haircut at Marcies Beauty Spot, which unfortunately was closed on Sunday and Monday while we were here.

The thing to do at Long Island is rent a car at Fox Auto, which should run about $75 for a 24 hour rental. If you pick the car up around midday, one day you can head North to visit the Columbus monument and Stella Maris Resort, and the next day you can head South to Clarencetown, visiting the various shops, beaches and Dean’s Blue Hole along the way. A blue hole is a very deep cut to the hundreds of feet in the otherwise shallow waters where diving and snorkeling can be done. Last year, the free dive world competition was held here; free diving is deep diving without a scuba tank. You can check out good quality straw work at Ina Major’s, but if you want a great purse with tightly woven fiber, get it at Sandpipers at Georgetown.

There are numerous abandoned and active churches to be explored, local restaurants to be sampled (we enjoyed Coco’s which had great Grouper fingers), but missed Max’s Conch Bar which has internet and great food according to our tour guide, Far Niente.

After touring we said goodbye to everyone as we planned our departure back to Georgetown the following morning. It was hard to take leave from these guys who are heading to the Jumentos next where the fishing is great, the life is extra lazy, and the drinking is a full time occupation.

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skb said...

what beautiful sights! especially the tuna... keep up the good work,
the weather looks wonderful -
it is 23 here.