Thursday, January 21, 2010

King of the Ocean

After years of fishing had yielded only two small edible bar fish, Peter became the King of the Ocean on January 20, 2010, by snagging a two foot yellow fin tuna. OK, now it is on the hook and what do we do with it?

After spraying it with loads of vodka, it finally passed into fish heaven. Fortunately Doctor Bob was sailing alongside and talked us through the surgery of bleeding and gutting the catch. With the help of the Joy of Cooking, we determined how to cut it into steaks, Peter beaming throughout the process.

Then, having shared the black fin caught by Mike on Savage Son a few days prior, we contributed most of our steaks to a shared dinner, after marinating them in teriyaki, lime, and ginger. Yummy.

Except the King of the Ocean ate very little, announcing what I already knew, “I don’t like fish”.
More for us!

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Sharron said...

Congrats Peter!!!It looked delicious!Thought I sent a message that your new email wasn't working, tried several times.
Photos are great as well as descriptions of your adventures!I love following along!Love,Shar