Saturday, January 2, 2010

Junkanoo at Bimini

This was our fourth Junkanoo experience in the Bahamas, and in many ways, the best. Our first was at Nassau, when we took a day ashore from a cruise ship, and ran into Donna and Alan! Here, the Junkanoo bordered on professional, but by the time we arrived, the participants had partied hardy and things were a bit sloppy. The second, at Green Turtle was terrific and the paraders were well practiced, everyone in town was in the parade. Last year, we slept through Junkanoo at Hope Town, where we understand it was a showing of drunken ruffians. But here, at Bimini, there was a family feel to the event, the participants were diverse and talented, in a small town sort of way. Some images follow:

My personal favorite Junkanooer:


Christine and Rob McGuffin said...

Happy to see you in The Bahamas...we are right behind you and soon you will hear that familiar "First Edition...this is Celebrian"! :)

Christine and Rob McGuffin said...

Happy to see you in The Bahamas...soon you will hear "First Edition...this is Celebrian" :)
Rob and Christine

Beth said...

Just came home from a steady 4 day snow storm in Stratton, happy to discover that you and made it safely into the new year, in paradise. Phew.

For the first time since Uncle Jeffrey reigned as General of the ski house, I general-ed my own butt out of bed on new year's morning, and made it onto the mountain (Sun Bowl! - so pretty, sunny and peaceful!) by 8:15 am. The reward was the greatest 2 1/2 hours of skiing of all time on my very own mountain. Nothing like reveling with parents of 5 and 8 year olds to prepare with a good night's sleep on new year's eve. I loved it. Oh, lest you think that our celebration lacked, you will fondly recall a certain "Torch Light Parade.." (?) Yes, we saw it, as well as a fantastic fireworks show in the midst of a family style DJ dance party at the base lodge..

Anyway, happy you are there, and having fun! Love and all good things in every way for the new year!! Beth