Monday, January 11, 2010

Hiking at Warderick Wells

We enjoyed our first long hike of the winter, tackling the route to Exuma Sound. Hiking here is all about limestone and critters, watching out for the curlytails, snakes, and poisonwood, Bahama's very own poison ivy-like flora that is abundant over most of the islands. Wading through the shallows may uncover crabs hiding in the mangroves. While hiking, we take a garbage bag and fill it with junk that has washed ashore; we leave the bags above the highwater mark, and the Rangers retrieve them during their rounds.

We enoyed a good Happy Hour, meeting the folks on Sunrise, Makai, Sunspot Baby, Adamant 1, Seafox 10, Seafox 10, and Wayward Wind.

We are now hunkered down with winds settled down from the high 20's gusting over 30.

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