Monday, January 25, 2010


Georgetown is the cruiser’s social mecca of the Bahamas. Referred to as “The Community”, a group of cruisers returns each year to put down their anchors in November and leave them, untouched, until sometime in April following the Cruiser’s Regatta. There are daily activities organized by this gang, including seminars, yoga, basket weaving, nightly pot lucks, daily volleyball (two courts, one the “fun” court, the other unnamed for the highly competitive), it goes on and on. It starts with a net (like a party line VHF call) on Ch 72 at 8 am. Occasionally, The Community will remind a boater to follow their long list of rules, and often, in the course of a five minute period, the same bunch will exchange VHF calls as if they have not spoken with the other for seasons.

Nevertheless, one almost HAS to stop by and bow to the organizers each year. The nice thing about Georgetown is that you will very likely run into people you have met before. We caught up with Blue Bay, fellow members of the Royal Hog Cay Yacht Club, who were enjoying a visit from their sons. We shared Happy Hour with Steve and Ruth on Clear Day, a 46 Hylas we met in Black Point two years ago. And, we visited once again with Charisma, a 44 Hylas who has new owners, Stephen and Denise from the UK---we helped them plan to spend a few sheckles towards improvements on Charisma. We had last seen Charisma in 2005 at Oyster Bay, New York, when Gordon and Jo Steadman were the owners.

There are several anchorages at Georgetown, most on the eastern shore of Stocking Island (Monument, Volleyball, and Sand Dollar Beaches), where the social activities are centered. Across the harbor is the Kidd Cove hangout, where one usually parks to get into Georgetown proper to provision and do laundry, both of which we undertook during this visit. A close look at the dryer will reveal the flames emitting from the not-so-modern but dependable equipment.

A stop at Georgetown is not complete without dropping in on the Sandpiper, a lovely gift shop where I purchased a darling pair of earrings, only to drop them on the tile floor while showing them off at Peace and Plenty during libations. Shattered.

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