Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exuma Land and Sea Park

As a Bahamas National Trust supporter, First Edition (along with other members) jumps to the top of the waiting list for a mooring at Exuma Park. And with a strong cold front approaching, that is the place to be.

The Park has several mooring fields, Shroud, Hawksbill, and Cambridge are "self-serve", if there is a mooring, you pick it up and a Ranger comes around and collects your fee (for our boat, $20 a night). Near Park Headquarters at Warderick Wells, you can reserve a mooring, and tune into Channel 09 at 9am to see where you stand (sometimes you can get same day availability). When a storm is approaching, we always try to hook up a few days before to assure we are assigned a mooring and to enjoy the hiking at the park during the calm. Which mooring field you choose should depend on the wind direction and the type of protection you are looking for. In the favored North Anchorage, and from Emerald Rock, you can pick up the park's internet for $10 a day. A pot luck is held on Saturday nights, weather permitting, at the North Anchorage.

We were successful in snagging a mooring in the North Anchorage, and Savage Son (not a member then) ended at Emerald Rock, not a bad jumping off spot for their next day trip South. We met up at Park HQ, introduced Bev to the Bananaquits, and took a short hike up to BooBoo Hill.

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