Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vero Beach

We lifted anchor at 0805 and slipped out of St. Augustine bound for our 153 mile trip to the Ft. Pierce inlet. We had wind on the nose or not enough wind to sail for most of the way, although we did get four hours of pure sailing in, with nearly flat seas all the way. The above shot is a sunrise underway, another one of the joys of sailing. We arrived at Ft. Pierce almost 24 hours later, averaging 6.3 knots for the trip. Then, we motored another 15 miles on the ICW to reach Vero Beach, arriving around noon.

Vero is known as "Velcro Beach" because once you are here, it is hard to pull yourself away. There is no anchoring at Vero, instead, the City Marina provides moorings, where you must raft up if space is required, up to 3 boats per mooring. We rafted with Troubadour. (I think the mooring fee is about $10 a day, there are great showers and an on-site laundromat and captain's lounge with a book exchange and TV.)
Vero provides a free mini-van bus that will take you along a route that is located by any service you can think of: Publix, ABC Liquors, West Marine, Lowes, Sams Club, all the cruiser hot spots. And, there is a fashionable shopping area along the beach where you can drop some serious dough.

A nice place to visit, and worth the trip North up the ICW before heading offshore.

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robbie rothaug said...

Hi there, I'm from Vero Beach and came across this post. I never knew that the city marina had such amenities. I am always researching other marinas and destinations but I'm not even familiar with my city's own. I would like to go cruising one day but for now I stick to my kayak. Going through the marina in the winter is like paddling through my own personal boat show!