Thursday, December 3, 2009

St. Augustine

We continued down the ICW, seeing some shallow water early in the trip, close to low tide, and running hard aground due to pilot error. Fortunately we were able to power our way off fairly quickly. Leaving at 0830, we were anchor down at St. Augustine by 1430, right by the Bridge of Lyons which is under reconstruction. We had hoped to spend a couple of days here to tour the fort (jeesh, so sorry to have missed this), the old architecture, and the tourist traps lining the nearby streets. But nasty winds are forecast

in a few days, and since we want to go offshore for the next leg, we only have this afternoon to see America's oldest city.
(The holding here is not the best, and the better of two anchorages has lousy Northeast protection, and of course, NE winds are in store for us.)

As the sun set the shoreline lit up with holiday decorations to provide quite the setting for cocktail hour. We hope to return here some day to give this city the attention that it is due.

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Deborah Northey said...

St. Augustine is awesome. You will love all the old architecture. It's fabulous!