Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Peck Lake

We hoisted our anchor at 0700 and headed out the Ft. Pierce inlet, only to be greeted by huge seas breaking over the bow. Thinking this may have been related to the ebb tide and an opposing wind, we continued out of the inlet but decided to give up; the seas were just a washing machine. We hailed Troubadour, who had wisely decided to take the ICW route, and were enticed to join them with promises of the tranquility of Peck Lake anchorage, abundant wildlife, and a beach walk. We turned around.

Five hours later we passed the St. Lucie inlet and rounded marker 19 (incorrectly on the North side, the South side is recommended) and despite warnings of water depths of 3.5 feet, found no issue for our 5 1/2 foot draft. Once in the anchorage, water depths generally exceed 10 feet. (Pass marker 19, head 060M until you choose your spot. No problem mon.) After lunch, we dinghied in and had a short walk to the Atlantic beach, where I found this recently deceased Measled Cowrie and Nancy collected shells for a mobile. We could hear the pounding surf from the anchorage, assuring a rested sleep.

Until the arrival of trillions of no-see ums, all ignoring our screens and disturbing the final episode of John Adams. All night long we swatted, and eventually hid under the sheets, where we found no refuge.

So, this is a great anchorage but I would not opt for it unless there was a steady breeze a-blowing.

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