Monday, December 28, 2009


On the 26th we saw many boats leaving for the Bahamas, but we did not like the forecast, so we accompanied Blue Blazer at 4 in the morning for a trip to Miami. A long day of motor sailing.

The Miami Government Cut is pathetic but easy to enter. The power boats don't pay any attention to us slow sailors, going hell bent for leather and throwing huge wakes right alongside of us. The main channel is closed for security reasons, as the cruise ships are in town, and pleasure craft need to pass south of Dodge Island which poses no difficulty. This is hardly a bucolic setting, and makes the New York Harbor appear like the Garden of Eden.

We had an email from Our Turn, telling us that they were anchored on the South side of the Venetian Causeway. On the way to the Causeway you pass under several bridges, but all are tall or apparently permanently open. After the bridge and before the Causeway, if you hug the Northern side of the "channel"(no markers) you will see no less than 6 feet at low. As you approach you will see some white "no wake" markers, we left these to port. We passed the Miami Yacht Club where many boats were anchored or on moorings, and found Our Turn anchored between Riva Alto and Di Lido in about 10feet.

This is a cool anchorage, very quiet and secluded, with the tall buildings of Miami and the passing cruise ships closeby.

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skb said...

it is a bit chilly here today!
We are sorry we missed you.
Hope your crossing brings you into a warmer environment.
be well,