Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

We have seen a number of reunions over the last few days. Dancing Sea Horse, a powercat we had never met, pulled along side of First Edition, and Ed and Lizbeth, formerly Aquaelle, yelled greetings. These guys were our cruising mentors two years ago, and were our crossing companions in their sailboat which now sits idle while their new homemade boat has its maiden voyage. Yesterday, we were delighted to hear Blue Blazer hailing us, and we joined Maj-Lis and Don for a cup of tea and conversation, catching up on their boat issues and plans. Needing parts, they are headed for Miami, which along with a crossing to the Abacos is one of our options. Here, Don and Maj model the latest in rainy-day cruising garb.

There is a very iffy weather window to make it to the Northern Bahamas, and our weather forecaster (who is very conservative and my kind of guy), says this short opportunity is fraught with potential problems. Many in the anchorage are planning a Christmas evening departure, nevertheless. Since Chris is off for the holiday, there will be no updated transmission, adding to the drama. We are leaning towards a trip to Miami with Blue Blazer, where friends on Our Turn are hanging out, and waiting for a crossing to the Central Bahamas from there.

On Christmas Eve we continued our long standing tradition of hosting a party, and while we missed the Rosenzweigs, we shared the evening with new friends Tom and Phyllis from Traw La Vie, Blue Blazer, and Rick from Sojourner. Lizbeth and Ed had to pass as one of the things the Lizbeth got for Christmas was food poisoning following a meal at the nearby Waterway Restaurant. Beware!

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