Saturday, December 19, 2009

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right...

Encouraged by an email from our weather forecaster, I set the alarm for 6:20 this morning, arose to a dreary day here at North Palm Beach, and turned on the single side band radio to participate in a weather update. Yesterday's summary indicated the possibility of benign conditions for a crossing to the Bahamas, possibly as early as December 23. Propagation was decent enough to hear some one announcing there would be no Chris Parker transmission today. One of the tribulations of a cruiser.

I considered returning to the warm bunk where Peter continued to sleep off the early stages of a cold. Instead I poured myself a cuppa and sat out on the deck to watch the sun rise. Mornings are so peaceful, even with the wind howling and a front approaching.

We are anchored near Tiger Wood's boat (one of the larger ones shown here)

and Jack Nicholson's, shown below.

Today we will rent a car to run around and do final provisioning, pickup my medication shipped to a friend of one of Peter's former clients, do laundry, and various chores requiring transportation that is available infrequently. Our preliminary plan is to leave Tuesday for a 12 hour trip to Miami, and wait there for the right weather window to cross the Gulfstream.

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