Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wrightsville Bonus

While monitoring VHF16, we heard Sapphire and Fine Lion (whom we had hoped to see in Oriental)and found out that they were headed here, with the intention of leaving the next day for Charleston. Although we would be passing by that wonderful harbor and phantasmigorical shopping opportunity, we would have company for the first 17 hours of our 48 hour trip. Plus, these guys are always game for a decent cocktail hour!

I recently found out that Kim on Fine Lion has RA. This was amazing to me, since I have known her for two years (although we were ships passing in the night last year), and never had a clue. Kim is a lot younger than I, and caught this thing alot earlier, so she has had lots of experience and knowledge to share. It is not the same thing as misery loves company, but it is so great to have some one to talk to about it and get a hug when you are done. Thanks Kim.

So, we all plan an early departure, with First Edition headed for Brunwick, Georgia. First, fish tacos ashore. Chris Parker gives us a green light, so off we go...

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