Sunday, November 1, 2009

Georgia Dolphins Awarded Best in Show

After leaving Wrightsville, we had a 48 hour trip (through two nights) to Brunswick, Georgia. Most of the time, the wind was directly behind us and after trying to sail with the jib alone, we gave up, and motored. Seas were big, perhaps 7-8 feet but fortunately behind us as well. We actually took a breaker over the stern that washed the decks. On Day 2 the winds turned a bit east, and we managed to get the jib up without slatting.

We travelled part of the way with Fine Lion and Sapphire, and dropped them off as planned in Charleston. Along the way we talked with Aquila and Cygnus, the latter headed for our destination. In fact, Cygnus followed us in the inlet around 7:30 in the morning, but continued down the ICW while we headed to the marina.

But our best travel companions were the dolphins. Always around at feeding time (sunrise and sunset), the Georgian dolphins decided to give us quite the show, leaping and speeding by us all throughout the days. There is no question that they like to entertain themselves and us as well.

As Kathy on Sapphire recently said, every time you see a dolphin it is as exciting as the first time... Click on the play button in the left corner of the video that follows to get an idea of the Dolphin Show. (This is my first video, bear with me.)


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