Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fernandina Beach to Ft. George River

After leaving St. Mary's we had about an hour trip over to Fernandina Beach, where we chose to anchor out. The holding here is good and we think all the fuss about the current is overblown. We walked into town where Black Friday was in full bloom, and then had dinner at Gennaro's with Blue Blazer. Catching up with Don and Maj-Lis has been great. We so hope we see them again down the road. Incidentally, there is quite a collection of our feathered friends always waltzing the docks here.

The next day we decided to do a short trip to Fort George River, allowing us to dink in to Fernandina's farmers market. Worth the trip. Several hours later we lay down the anchor in front of the Kingsley Plantation on the Ft. George, dinked in, and took a tour of the Kingsley House and slave quarters.

This is a beautiful spot to anchor in (pictured at the top). Lots of depth once you get past the entrance, which is accomplished by making a range of the ICW marker and the River marker, then it is a cinch. All was peace and quiet until about 10 at night when locals in those flat bottomed boats that have headlights like cars starting causing a ruckus in the marsh, gunning their engines and speeding back and forth by the anchorage. The only explanation we could come up with was they were hunting gator.

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skb said...

Good Morning,
I see that you are nearing your jumping point. Any chance you might get close enough to visit Ben? There is always room for you.
He arrives this evening - thru Monday. The voyage sounds delightful.
Be well, be safe, have fun!