Sunday, November 8, 2009


We just had an incredible experience with our granddaughter and her parents, as we spent two days at Disney with them, breakfasting with the princesses, experiencing the Bippidy Boppody Salon, meeting and greeting all of the Disney characters, the fantastic parades and FIREWORKS, Beth, like you have never seen. Willow had the most marvelous time celebrating her fourth birthday, the most perfect age to share this magical experience.


Beth said...

I'm beside myself with these pictures!
Lynn, you out-Lisa-ed Lisa.
So glad you posted!

skb said...

It is a magical place at any age when you are with family and friends !
Did you ask for ketchup?
Glad you are having a good trip.
Be well! S&B

Kat Moore said...

Disney looks so wonderful and WARM- I'm beyond jealous! Your granddaughter looks like such a princess!