Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cumberland Island, Georgia

We reluctantly left Brunswick where Claire and Paul on Our Turn showed up, and we had a marvelous time getting reacquainted and spending some quality time. The highlight of this company was an excellent dinner at Cargo which is everything it is cracked up to be. Paul had the most unique dish of us all, lobster macaroni and cheese. I think my granddaughter would have loved it.

We took the outside route to get to St. Mary's Inlet, and hung a right to get to Cumberland, which we had heard so much about. Cumberland Island used to be owned as a winter getaway by the Carnegies, who had their buddy Tommy Edison install a power plant (resulting in Cumberland being only the third city in the nation to boast of same). In recent decades most of the island was deeded over to the US Government who wisely created a National Park. You can anchor offshore, camp, or ferry over for a day's visit and enjoy this natural beauty.

We dinghied to the Sea Camp and took a 45 minute hike through the forest laden with Spanish moss and nature's delights. We headed to the museum where we met the ferry group and participated in a Ranger talk that focused on the Carnegie mansions. We then walked through the sand dunes complete with wild horses to the beach, where there is abundant shelling of Giant Atlantic cockles and Common Atlantic Abra. All told this is about a 4 hour hike, easy if it is low tide when you can walk on the hard sand. You will need more time for meandering and a picnic lunch if you choose.

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Beth said...

Great pics... Is that Efi sneaking around the ruins? ;)