Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weems Creek, Annapolis

We ended our long push from "Up North" at the Sassafras River in the Chesapeake, anchoring out near the mouth, after 32 hours underway. The next day we battled wind on the nose gusting over 25 knots to get to Annapolis, and chose to anchor up the Severn in Weems Creek. Here you will find several moorings owned by the US Navy and used by them only during hurricanes, available to us guys other times. Of course, by the time we got there all were taken. There is ample anchoring room however.

There is a public dinghy landing, and within walking distance is Graul's Supermarket, Navy Bagels, a Laundromat, and the scene of the crime where unobservant young-thing driving a Volvo smacked right into me last year while I was bike riding. I should have seen this sign before taking to the streets here.

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