Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Swansboro via the Bogue Sound

We skipped Beaufort this trip much to my dismay. No Aqua Restaurant, no shopping at the charming shops, and no new friends made dockside. But, alas, we hurry on with a marginal weather window to make haste to Georgia.

Last year, we hated the Bogue Sound. It was shallow and we ran aground twice, once, hard with a ferocious bump, and without warning. Needless to say, as we approached the same spots this year we had fear in our hearts. But not to worry, it looks like some one found some tax money to dredge, and the entire way, we had no problem.

We took on fuel as Caspar Marina at Swansboro, after I mortified myself upon losing control on the approach due to fierce currents, which had not been obvious. No harm done other than a bruised ego. We anchored out and once again found that despite the literature, the holding here is very good.

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