Sunday, October 25, 2009

South River by Oriental

We arose early, again, in time to watch the mist rise from the waters and the sun rise. We had hoped to grab one of the two free dock spaces in Oriental so we could see our friends Kim and Steve on Fine Lion. But, having missed that opportunity, we headed to the South River where we expected to stay for a few days to sit out 25 knots, rain, and thunderstorms. Anchoring at Oriental harbor might be OK, but the winds from the South precluded that.

South River is shoaling on the red side, but there is lots of room if you prefer port on entering. We had hoped to hug the shore for good protection, but our charts are way too generous with depths, and we ran out of water well before the indicated datum. We did have a comfortable anchorage though, and the predicted wind and rain joined us. The tstorms stayed west, and we had a good two days doing chores and watching rainbows.

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