Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Solomons to Mill Creek, By Boat this Time

We left a sizeable donation at Zahnisers, and around 1:00 dropped our mooring to head for wherever we felt like, thinking we might make Norfolk. The winds were lighter than forecast, so we relied upon Mooch the Yanmar to make way, and decided to choose the recently visited by car Mill Creek our destination.

Upon leaving the Patuxent heading South you will run into these obstructions, which are bombing targets for the nearby naval base, we are told. I wonder when in the hell they practice?

Six hours later in the pitch black darkness we reached the Great Wicomico, full of unlit buoys, fish traps, and crab pots. I eventually figured out that if I worried about the crab pots, I would convulse, so I left that to Peter, who did an admirable job of it. Fortunately, I had created a route into the creek the last time we were here, so it was an easy journey for me on the wheel, while the Captain managed to fret and shout orders the remaining 7 miles or so in to the anchorage. There were many boats already settled in, some showing feeble solar anchor lights. These just don't work if it is all you are using---I nearly clobbered one guy who barely showed a flicker.

In the morning we arose before sunrise to make an early exit and found that we had chosen a lovely spot across from our property. We also found that it was 39 degrees outside, and not much warmer within. Try this without a heater.

The bald eagles have returned to Virginia, and we found the eagle pictured above enjoying a healthy breakfast as we were departing.

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