Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Pungo River

Eleven hours after departing Coinjock, and having managed to make it through the Alligator Pungo Canal unscathed, we anchored in the lovely Pungo River. This is the kind of anchorage where you can arrive late and know you will still have a spot. It was a beautiful evening and another awesome ICW sunset.

Passage through the Alligator Swing Bridge was uneventful. This bridge upons on request, and we have always heard how uncooperative the bridgetender is here. We never find it to be the case. I always enjoy watching the sailboats pass through a bridge and I wonder how these guys felt watching our procession.

Several boats had had difficulty in the canal. We saw a trawler run out of control for about 50 feet, enough to run smack-dab onto a partially submerged tree trunk. We later heard a catamaran calling for Tow Boat US, having bent its shaft, and some one we suspect was a powerboater lamenting the root he had twisted around his prop.

Despite the solitude of this part of the ICW, every once in a while the quiet was pierced with the boom of a fighter jet, doing maneuvers and circling us several times. I think these soldiers had as much fun watching us as we did them. Another opportunity to be proud of being an American.

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