Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moving Day for the Gil-Forgosh Family

Our timing was great for Willow and her parents' move around the corner to a larger home, as we got to help out and be the last to sleep in the old home and the first in the new. Things went relatively smoothly for a working family with an almost four year old, except when Dave almost didn't record the Yankee game. (Almost. We missed Texeira's pie in the face as the tape cut off right after the homer. Phew. It would have been sad to have a dead kid on our hands in a brand new home. Especially since we successfully transported four goldfish and one kitty.)

Willow got to experience her first champagne uncorking while Grammie got to show off her multiple chins.

How adorable is my granddaughter?

Good luck kids. You done good.

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