Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Doings on Mill Creek

Instead of visiting our property and Kathie and Jimmy by boat, we decided to rent a car and drive from Solomons during the four days of nasty weather while Zahnisers completed some repairs to our rigging. Apparently the yard that replaced same two years ago left off some things and used hardware that has not held up, so, Break Out Another Thousand.

On our way back from Newport News, Jim and Kathie decided to follow us to Mill Creek to plant a pecan tree for us (hoping that their squirrels would be enticed to follow their car and leave their pecan tree alone). While there, it turned out our friends and future neighbors Vickie and Len were meeting a builder on their lot, so we got to visit with them for awhile before undertaking our 2009 trek down the ICW.

We have heard from so many cruising friends in and about the area, as we all become like Canadian geese, congregating in the popular spots (but without the poop), waiting for good weather to take flight, and exchanging the lead position as we begin our march together to warmer weather. Come join us, or let us know where you are!

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