Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Spirit of Walter

We have been sitting on a mooring at the City Island Yacht Club for a number of weeks now tending to kidney stones and rheumatoid arthritis. Through it all I have observed this seagull (look closely) atop an neighboring runabout, like the mailman, defying wind and rain. Seagulls generally are not very welcomed additions to boats, which they seem to use only to spoil with their droppings. Boaters have chosen many different ways to keep these guys away, fake plastic owls, suspended DVDs, colorful ribbons, flapping flags, or toy snakes. This owner did not seem to know he had a rent-free tenant and had not provided any deterrent. But this bird seems to depart daily for his constitutional.

Upon finding out this this boat, Wyntje, is owned by the deceased Walter Cronkite, I began to wonder...could this bird be the Spirit of Walter? Prospective buyers came and gave Wyntje the lookover and ran a survey. The bird disappeared. I wonder...

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