Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Essex, Connecticut and the $47.70 Mooring

We decided to go a few miles up river to visit Essex again, and decided to pass on the $50 mooring at the Essex Yacht Club in favor of a bargain $47.70 one at Brewer's Marina. Mr. Brewer has added the former Chandlery at Essex to his dynasty. Brewer has the right idea about how to run a marina but should get out of the repair business. OK enough said.

In 2005 we stopped here (at EYC, we were employed then) but arrived too late to walk the shops and town so we planned to do some retail therapy during this visit. Unless you have a bundle of money, you cannot buy clothes here, although there are incredibly chic offerings. If you have a great husband, you can start your Pandora charm bracelet; the ladies at The French Hen are helpful salespeople who walked us through the whole shabang. I could not stand another day of not owning one, coveting my land friend Susan's and boater friend Claire's.

There is a market that is touted widely in the guide books but there is a better selection of produce in the Bahamas. Enough said on that as well. There is a wonderful gift shop with reasonable prices at the Brewer's Marina. The town and its revolutionary era homes are charming.

Essex is known for the Griswold Inn. I remember our friends the Lands telling us about their lopsided bed when they stayed there. We experienced a similar experience with a meal we took there, so we don't enjoy the Griz, although it seems many tourists do.

We left the next morning with a favorable current and improving weather.

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