Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crayola Factory, Easton PA

Lisa and Dave invited us to join them in a visit to the Crayola Factory with our granddaughter. Although we were cautioned that there might be better entertainment venues in the area, we all had a BALL (especially Lisa who could return here on her own for a fun day of play).

There are tons of creative stations for kids of all ages, including projected moving images of willing participants plastered on a big screen in psychedelic panorama, finger painting, assorted and sundry melted crayon art projects, and model train exhibits.

For Canal enthusiasts (Willow loves the Erie Canal and can belt out quite a version of the song), there is a informative replica of canals and locks. It takes quite a bit of concentration to drive one of these buggers!

This is a wonderful destination, and Willow at nearly 4 is probably the perfect age for a visit. It is loud, even on a weekday, but when you have a perfect granddaugher you don't seem to notice.

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