Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to Port Jefferson and Nancy's Rocks

Following our night at the Thimbles, we journeyed to PJ for a couple of days and nights of solitude. One day I collected pretty little common jingle shells that I am hopeful will contribute to another rainy day creation. The next day, Peter and I harvested unbelievely gorgeous rocks, many pure white in the shape of eggs, or others, translucent or striped with granite. Who know what I will do with these? I collected some rocks in the DR, always thinking about my daughter-in-law's mom Nancy sneaking rocks back home to Aurora, NY in her suitcase. Miguel, her husband upon lugging same for portage, innocently asked, "What's in here. Rocks?".

Peter investigated the inlet to Setauket, and with a 20 minute one-way walk found a grocery store but not much more.

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