Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to City Island, Doctors, and Julie and Julia

We spent a night at Oyster Bay, where the watermen were actively harvesting something (could it be Oysters? More likely, clams). We stopped here for the purpose of getting to the market, the easiest walk we could think of in a short distance (gargantuan knee). Once there, we purchased corn suitable for livestock. We passed on the $7 for the new less-than-a half-gallon size ice cream (this apparently happened while we were out of the country), and thinking we were geniuses, headed for the local Carvel. There, we paid $7 for an even smaller pack, but it was yummy peanut butter/vanilla/chocolate chips.

From here we spent one night at Manhasset Bay, hoping to run into Cloveleaf but who skedaddled it; we did find Our Turn with half its crew. Feeling quite poorly, I took this opportunity to double my dreaded prednisone (to 10mg). The following day I did not care that I am destroying my bones, as my temperature was down, my knee only equal to a child-sized football, and I considered myself almost human.

The next day we returned to our yacht club at City Island. To celebrate my continued resemblance to a human, we went to see Julie and Julia. GO! It is fabulous, Meryl Streep is an amazing Julia, the story is amazing, and the whole Julie-doing-the Julia-blog thing gave me chuckles that I think only a blogger could get. It is a romance, a comedy, a cooking lesson, a real winner. Even Peter loved it.

We are now geared up for more doc visits, including a colonocopy (I WILL NOT provide photos) and potentially, kidney stone surgery for Peter. So we are set for a totally fun couple of weeks, in case you don't hear from us.

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