Sunday, August 23, 2009

West Neck Harbor

Running from Hurricane Bill, we determined that West Neck would be a good place to be and fortunately Sojourner agreed to become the local knowledge so strongly recommended to enter this harbor. Last year, Rick and Linda visited here to sit out a blow and despite hitting bottom upon leaving, fearlessly led the way. It is actually quite easy to enter if you stay smack-dab in the middle of the channel (the green is actually on land!). We found that heading for the flagpole ashore ahead kept us on a good course, we saw nothing less than 9 feet of water at high tide.

Once inside (where you can only stay for 48 hours, and there was a police boat jotting down boat names), there is a designated anchorage area. There also is a creek that would have totally excellent protection and would require a high tide entry. We decided to stay in the outer harbor, as the highest winds were forecast at 21 knots, no biggie.

This is a pretty place. Lousy joints while here prohibited my exploration, but Peter walked the beach on our behalf and confirmed that there is nothing here.

We hosted Rick and Linda for dinner while awaiting Bill. He was a total non-event. Dinner was yummy.

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