Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sweet Revenge at Port Jefferson

Yesterday we had a pleasant motor from Manhasset to Port Jeff, and were shocked upon arrival to see hundreds of boats on moorings and at anchor behind Old Field Point. As we were hunting around for a spot, a sailboat pulled out and we began the process of setting Buster down, only to notice the power boat in front of us also moving, generating significant space for us. So, we motored a little closer to our chosen destination for the evening, only to see a sailboat named Grace but lacking same whipping through the mooring field, hell bent for leather, with an eye to our spot. He quickly dropped anchor, and after demonstrating to us that he was not holding, dragging all around, shut down the engine and claimed the territory regardless. We anchored behind him, knowing that the wind shift on the way would put us out of harm's way with him.

The next morning I awoke to prednisone withdrawal (gastro-intestinal consequences if you must know), and spent a lot of time in the cockpit doing nothing but watching the rainstorm, running to the head, and eventually, watching Grace try various methods to get herself off-aground. You may be able to note the tilt in this picture. Nothing worked other than waiting for the change of the tide, proving there is justice in the world.

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Jes said...

I just came across your blog - I find it fascinating what you're doing! What an adventure!!