Monday, August 24, 2009

Sea Glass Creations

While waiting for the seas to settle down from Hurricane Bill, I decided to tackle my planned sea glass project, a lampshade for our cockpit. Years ago Peter stumbled across the idea of hanging a small shade over our Davis Mega light, hung in the cockpit for mood lighting and dinner ambience. It has added an elegant touch, and attracted many comments. And then Sojourner took it to a higher plane...

An acrylic drinking glass with a hole cut out of the top, covered with sea glass results in a glorious addition to any boat, and a totally excellent use of the sea glass we collected mostly at Black Point in the Exumas and in the Dominican Republic.

First, sift through your sea glass and find pieces that are slightly rounded to gain the most surface adhesion on your shade (or whatever else you create, I am thinking votive glass holder for my next project). Assemble the pieces by color. Find a bowl slightly larger than your shade, line with paper towels, and lay shade into it to disable any rolling about. Have the Captain mix up a bunch of clear, fast drying epoxy. I applied same to each piece of sea glass with an artist's paint brush (discarded after completion of the project). Apply pieces of sea glass, decently covered with epoxy, in a random pattern. Allow to dry before turning glass to begin the next "row". Run your Davis light through the hole and sit around waiting for nightfall. It is glorious! Well, if I do say so myself.


Beth said...

OMG Lynn!
First, where did you find the time?
Second, how amazing is this?
Third, you should know better than to flaunt these talents publicly. You will be back ordered out of retirement ;)
Can't wait to see this creation!
Love love,

Vickie said...

Ditto, and now I know what Phase II needs for her cockpit!! Order up. Do they trade in multiples of painkillers (virgins, of course)

Vickie said...

Vickie showed Janet who thinks there is a real business opportunity here. She's offered to be stateside marketing rep. I'll handle the finances, for a percentage of course. The ideas are endless. toilet seat cover!! yeah.