Saturday, August 15, 2009


We spent 9 days at anchor at Newport, with a visit from Beth and Charley, a car ride to Boston to visit friends Chuck and Kristin, and an emergency appointment to my rheumotologist in NJ. After that visit I am now fully recharged on nasty drugs but able to walk and get on and off the dinghy, and finally ready to accept a new life on a cancer drug, sans alcohol.

We had great weather for Beth and we introduced her to two of our favorite watering holes, The Black Pearl (for excellent chili) and The Clarke Cooke House ($15 cosmo's and very fine cuisine). If you visit Newport, save your sheckles, bring some nice clothes, and visit this restaurant. It is nothing but awesome. We also toured The Vanderbilt Mansion, (note Charley sprinkling the lawn)and the next day Peter and Beth and Charley toured Newport's synagogue, the oldest standing in the US.

Parking in Newport is ridiculous, but we found the world's best bargain. If you buy an all day bus ticket (which we rode to the mansion), get a receipt from the driver and present it to the parking attendant at the Visitor's Center. Instead of paying $40 a day, you will pay $2. You can buy fresh seafood on the dock, but will have a very long walk (consider a cab) to groceries. (You can also buy an acceptable imitation of an Awful, Awful, a NJ extra thick milkshake that was the concoction of Grunings, a small restaurant chain since closed.) JT Chandlery, a former favorite, has closed.

We rented a car to go to see Chuck and Kristin in Boston to consume a bottle of Dom and 25 year old Macallan, both retirement gifts to Peter that we have been lugging around for this very purpose. Driving to Boston is worse than any place we know, perhaps with the exception of the Dominican Republic.

From Newport, we head to Block Island, my former favorite destination that on last visit was a tourist trap. We'll see.

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