Friday, August 28, 2009

Giants Neck, Connecticut and Running from Danny

Tropical Storm or Hurricane Danny continues to be mysterious, and may or may not hit New England (where is New England anyhow? where does it start?). So, we have decided to head North and West, and have a reservation at Old Lyme Marina on the Connecticut River, which is off of the Long Island Sound. There is a bunch of current running in this river, and we have experienced it both ways, with us and against us, and unquestionably, we opt for the former.

So we have staged ourselves to be able to hit at slack before the flood, and have chosen Giants Neck for our resting spot for the evening prior. The books say there is not a lot of protection here, but with little winds predicted we thought we would give it a try.

Giants Neck is one of those few spots on the Sound that are reminiscent of Maine but without the lobster pots. There is good land protection from the northeast through east, but there is a bit of a fetch from the Sound. I'd go here again in settled weather, particularly if you want to wait for the current at the Connecticut River, about 5 miles away.

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