Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Duck Island Roads to West Harbor on Fishers Island

We had a pleasant ride to Duck Island Road on the Connecticut side where we anchored for the evening. This is a place to park as you are passing through; it looks like you can walk a dog on the island but that would be the only reason to leave the boat. The holding here is good, and there were about 20 boats at anchor with lots of room for more. The next morning we had hoped to skip out early to get to Point Judith Harbor of Refuge, a good 45 miles or so. We awoke at 6 am to pea soup. (You might be able to see the boat anchored right next to us if your look closely at the picture above.) After waiting for about 4 hours, we decided things were improving and it appeared the sun was about to burn the fog off.

Well, that didn't happen. We do have radar, but the day prior it decided to turn itself off and we got an error reading "no data source". Once we got into port we "rebooted" the chartplotter and all was well. I don't like random things like this happening. There is usually a reason. So, all day I waited for it to go on strike again. That didn't happen either.

As we approached Fishers Island, the fog began to break up. This picture is actually the mast of a sailboat underway very close to us as we approached the anchorage.

Fishers Island is very private and hoity toity. We landed the dink at the head of the harbor and walked into town (take a right for the short walk)to pick up a few items at the market. Very nice and very pricey. At least for cruisers.

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